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20 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Most people do not think much about what art to use and assume that anything goes, but this is a wrong assumption and that is why we are here to help you make smart choices and decisions, so that the future visitors to your hotel will feel greatly at home while in your establishment!

A unique 100% room makes guests feel that their stay is also unique.

Many travelers look for this feeling, especially if they can choose the room themselves.

To offer this experience, each room sometimes has a special personality and design that is reflected in colors or decoration from wallpaper, works of art, lamps and so on. It is also recommended that the arrangement of the furniture be in harmony with the shape of the room.

If you have enough inspiration, you can even give each room a theme, as long as they complement each other and fit your area and brand. It is even more exciting and interesting if you give a name to each room.

Who decides what works to offer is a responsibility you can give to us. All our works are original. They have been designed and thought by the artists themselves, experts in art, fashion, interior designers, decorators and other professionals linked to the world of design. We seek to offer iconic pieces for our clients to buy beautiful works that decorate, attract attention and fit the trends that people see in the decoration magazines.

If you are a hotel that likes investing in art and creating an art collection, then you are in luck! We offer our service for this too, we can help you build your art collection by connecting you to artists who have vast collections and want to share their work. We offer works of different styles: abstract, realistic, cubist, modernist, urban, pop art, portraits or landscapes.

We have tried to cover most styles so that everyone can see themselves reflected and find the work that best suits their tastes. We are the solution you needed all along!

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