Tok Gulcin, Turkey

Gulcin was born in Turkey in 1966 and she still lives there. She graduated from the faculty of Economical studies of the Anatolian University in Eskisehir. The artist has taken lessons for 6 years form Faik Agayev who is a state artist of Moscow. Gulcin Tok is also a member of UKKSA (International cultural art academy).
According to Gulcin Tok, ‘Painting is looking from another window and perspective’. The artist does not see the landscape like everyone else and understands it differently. As stated by the artist, “When you combine the colors and images, time and reality take on a different shape”. She describes women by using modern figurative portraits.

The artist is studying violence against women, loneliness, discrimination and alienation. She tries to convey messages of freedom for women with her artistry. She describes women, in women’s portraits, with the using of modern figurative paintings. The name of the exhibition is “Talking with the mouth closed”. The artist declared that her paintings are the voice of silent women and she tells a lot with silence.

Blue Butterfly
Free Dreams
Free Soul
In pieces
In the Void
Lost Dreams
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