Navrotskyi Igor, Slovakia

Igor Navrotsky is a professional artist working in the genre of figurative and abstract painting. Born in Kiev (Ukraine) in a creative family. He studied at the Painting school at the Union of Artists of Ukraine workshop P Zikunov. He continued his creative activity in Slovakia.Where did he move in 2012. Honorary Member of the Union of Artists of Slovakia. Personal exhibitions: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,2021. His work is born at the intersection of inspiration, creative experience and observation. In them, he reveals the depth of the inner world. Demonstrates the subtle aspects of experiences and impressions through the fine arts. 

Artist statement  

I consider my work as a tool. With which a person can discover himself. Expand the boundaries and frameworks of the usual perception of the world. Get in touch with inner reality. See its depth and versatility. What can be the impetus for a new one. Through trust in life and a willingness to meet unexpected aspects of the World. Painting for me is the unity of opposites and the search for a balance between them. Logical and emotional, sadness and joy, shadow and light, strength and fragility.  

I believe that art has the ability to awaken thoughts and emotions, the ability to transform and transform life in an instant. Various techniques and experiments, constant improvement of their expressive capabilities, like filtering and gaining their mature pictorial handwriting. Form, color, texture, light - a harmonious and verified combination of these components and attention to detail. This is my approach to conveying meaning and state. I use color and light. To saturate the canvas space. And to create a unique atmosphere that increases the expressive value and gives greater depth and fullness to my pictorial essays. In my work, my creative part collides with the rational one and this produces unexpected solutions and ways of visual manifestation. Weaving emotions into every brush stroke or palette knife.  

I combine this with a clear vision of the depicted world. I enrich my artistic images with intellectual puzzles that create a real image in unrealistic contexts. For me to be able to convey this is the highest achievement in art.

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