Rubins Leonard, Slovenia

The Credo of Rubins Leonard is a creative field of very specific expression. Digital scenography recaptures subconscious depths, colorful impressions build-out of significant life lessons, as well as in the form of Neo-Theosophy symbolism. Artworks are presented through imaginary, fantasy compositions of great power and significance, which generally fall into the category of Surrealism, and Imaginary Realism. 
Digital Scenography and Paintings represent the content focused on the integration of Metaphysical, Celestial, and Exo-terrestrial phenomena, where Rubins is a director of his own imagination when attempting to combine many sophisticated levels into one harmonious creation.
The majority of artworks are the result of a long, solitary, and patient work. They will bring visitors closer to the artist's, deep, contemplative perceptions of the world.

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