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Amazonite is mined stone from near the amazon river, it has beautiful color like as blue and green combination. Also this stone is well known that it gives joy and healing. This work express the surface of amazonite.

The feature of this work is the texture. If you touch this artwork, you can feel the rough texture like touching the surface of stone.

I wanted to move the surface of the stone to the canvas as much as possible. I wanted to satisfy both visual and sensory, not just visual expression.

This work was produced through several steps. Sculpted the grains of the stone with the primary plaster, and sculpted the stone with the secondary plaster with acrylic, thirdly emphasized the feeling of the stone with several kinds of stone powder, finally, the varnish was painted thinly or thickly to express the feeling of the stone more three-dimensionally. 

I will continue to walk the path of creation, which makes the impossible to possible.

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Tags: mixed media, canvas, abstract, colours, blue, texture