Free Personalized Art Advisory Service

Choosing the perfect art for a home, office, or hotel can be difficult and time consuming. Art Gallery 5'14 is here to help you.
We offer a discreet and personalized art advisory service that covers all stages associated with a project, including consultations, selection of artwork, its transportation and delivery, framing services.

Currently we work with contemporary American, Latin American, European and Middle Eastern art. In addition, we provide our services in the search for specific piece of art upon customer request. Working directly with artists, Art Gallery 5'14 can also commission the artwork, creating the perfect art for your home or your project.

Our goal is to understand your aspirations for the project. Our art consultants will provide you with a curated selection according to your space, your style preferences and your budget.

Art you will love every day

Every corner of the house is a reflection of the personal touch of its owner. Our art consultants work with clients to understand their personalities, preferences, and help them make their home unique.

Our online Art Gallery 5’14 offers a wealth of contemporary art styles created by emerging and established artists from all over the world. We help you choose art that match your concepts, art that you will love every day. We also organize all the logistics for your works of art.

Impress Your Clients With Art

We also offer an art consultancy service for companies. Our goal is to understand the identity and values of your brand and offer you contemporary art and modern design that meet the functional and aesthetic needs of its spaces and will surely impress your clients.

Create Unique Guest Experiences

Whether it is a hotel chain or boutique hotel or a restaurant, each guest wants a unique experience. Our art consultants help you create a unique environment that your guests will remember for years to come.

Art Gallery 5'14 offers creative and personalized art programs. Our art experts will work with you to find the perfect lobby installations or inspiring room paintings. This will make your property different from the rest. 

Contact us today to learn more about our service. We help you build the art collection of your dreams.

Art Advisory Services at Art Gallery 5'14.
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