my artistic name is Iaqua, I am a young abstract artist from Slovenia.

My art mostly symbolises my soul, my most intimate parts of my higher self and my imagination. My art comes directly from my higher connection with the divine universe, they represent the pure core of myself. My works are parts of my heart and soul that origins from far away. Abstract, playful, spiritual, colorful, strong, vibrant, psychedelic, divine are some of the words to describe my works. I usually paint portraits of higher dimensional beings i came across in my past lives, in the now and the future. Pure love and pure emotions are the core of every creation i have made so far. I am a starseed - crystal and rainbow child- giving my vibrant light to others.

I am here to inspire, heal, feel, motivate, create, give, help and to uplift others with my art and my other divine gifts & powers. Soul art is how I would call some of my works.

I love to express my visions in tropical and exotic themes, raw strong colors & abstract shaped faces. When i paint and draw i always trust my intuition and my empathic gifts. A lot of inspiration comes from Nature, people, music, everyday life, emotions, feelings and love. We are all different but yet all the same, everyone unique and special, with their own gifts and talents. Let's make love with everyone and support each other with care and light.