Julian Manjahi


Julian Manjahi is a photographer born and raised in the Kiambu, Thika part of Kenya.

He studied mass communication at Daystar University in Kenya and currently works in Nairobi as a freelance photographer. 
Manjahi’s work traverses both the nature and urban spaces and he uses the photography medium as a vehicle to express his views of this environment that he interacts with, a visual extension of how he feels. For Manjahi it is about connection and aesthetics, the mixture of these two when attained is what makes it all worth it. 

Manjahi’s works in both nature and urban photography have been exhibited and published in different spaces as part of group exhibitions such as

● Published by National geographic your shot, November 2019

●“Young Guns” (2017) ) by Circle art Agency

● “Frontiers of the Present” (2016) by Circle art Agency

● “Mwangalio Tofauti II” (2013) by the Goethe Instutut exhibited at the National Museums of Kenya

● Published by Chrono Collective Magazine November 2017 issue

● Awarded Gold on Wild Planet Photo Magazine publication April issue, 2017

● Inside Africa, a publication by CNN (2014).