Pil Ryu


The theme of art consists of two opinions : reality and ideal. 

It reflect the reality through animals in paintings while pursuing joy and fun through a fictional character, Mr.Fun 

The first part is about creating a civilized image throughan animal and telling inner stories in a compact way in one scene. 

The contrast between nature a civilization, such twisted polarity is revealed through the touches of my honest feelings and spontaneous depiction while maximizing the message of resistance visually. 

Second of all, fictional character called Mr.Fun is in the frame to imagine a day full of fun and joy. In the troubled and cartoonish world, it is a different part of who wants to sing out loud with joy and be hopeful. 

These two stories summarize the balance of Pil's life. 


A private exhibition 

-10th Insa Art Center(Seoul) in 2018 
-9th Kim Su-Jeong Art Space (Busan) in 2018 
-8th Gallery Easel(Busan) in 2017 
-7th Gallery Hwain(Busan) in 2016 
-6th Kyungin Art Museum (Seoul) in 2012 
-5th Lotte Gallery(Busan) in 2011 
-4th Galley Shisun(Seoul) in 2010 
-3rd Insa Art Center(Seoul) in 2007 
-2nd Kyngin Art Museum (Seoul) in 2007 
-1st Korea textile Center (Seoul) in 1998 

Art Fair 
Bexco (Busan) in 2017 
Bexco (Busan) in 2016 
Bexco (Busan) in 2014 
Bexco (Busan) in 2013 
Novotel (Seoul) in 2011 
Coex (Seoul) in 2010