Michał Konrad Zalewski


Michał Konrad Zalewski, born in 1976, is a Wrocław-based artist creating in several fields of art: music, painting and graphics. In 2012-2015, he studied drawing and painting at the Wrocław School of Drawing. Painting, initially regarded as a development of his creative experience, became his next passion. 

This is how the artist writes about his new series of paintings: 
"Today we are surrounded by a plethora of visual stimuli, thus I try to create something simple and non-intrusive. My paintings are made from simple elements, and I deliberately limit the number of colors. I often use the circle as the perfect geometrical figure, highlighting it with a metallic color. It introduces balance and brings order into the entire composition. Limited elements make it possible to build a myriad of compositions. In my work, it is the mood that is important, not the subject. I treat my paintings as a part of the environment, whereas I leave the need to analyze to the recipient. My painting is to bring joy, not to tell. For me, this is the best solution because it allows me to express what I cannot say with words. I can confirm that my art.