Ingrid M S Hill


Ingrid Hill is a young artist and photographer based in central Scotland. 
Her work reflects themes regarding Scottish environment, ancient culture and folklore, woven alongside her own personal experiences of emotional turmoil and uncertainty. 

Her work has been described as being 'dream like' and having an 'air of disquietude'. 
Ingrid's photographs are minimally enhanced - she prefers to work to create her images in the 'now' rather than 'later' in many layers of editing and disapproves of editing model's appearances in any way.

In her opinion photography is the art of capturing the magic of the everyday in an extraordinary way, essentially taking a break from our ordinary perception of the world and its inhabitants and tuning into the imaginations of ourselves and those who tread the land before us. 

As an illustrator, she uses pen and ink to capture snippets of the world around her. Inspired by the plants and animals we tend to ignore - Ingrid chooses to create detailed line drawings to highlight the beauty and curiosity of these beings.