Vanjo Grobljar is a photographer who tells pictorial stories of single women who can dream big dreams and are united in these captured moments.

In these stories there is no fence that can stop the dream, the anxious thought that through years of hard work, he decided to go deep into the lives of women with great dreams. The stories that shows work carefully anchored in the desire not to fail, he led them to the captured moments that embodied the courage, power and immense will of their dreams.

This project puts a woman in the foreground the one who makes her every day path on her own. A woman who creates her own life. A woman with her own dreams in an oversized world who can be a woman, a girl, a mother, and a business lady in one person. Success stories, and decision-making situations that define an individual's path, which you will see in the selected photos. It also touches on the consequences of their actions.

The stories that inspired the author to believed in himself again. Stories that will surely inspire you too.