Natalija Pešl


Expand Your Consciousness with my heART. 

Hi, my Lovelies. 

It all started in 2017 with a big wake up call, when I was on Intuitive Retreat on Big Island of Hawaii. Swimming with wild and free dolphins showed me what pure joy means without faking. Standing on the cold lava fields, healed me as a woman. Every step I have made was a pure divinity. Meaning of Aloha touched me deeply. Every minute there was a feeling being at home. 

Although I deeply learning for the past few years how I function in this life, being able to see the beauty in every situation, which is not easy at all. What to do with all the emotions that hurt. And most of all why do they hurt. It's part of the path I choose to do. 

After 16 years of work as a secretary, I said enough. And said yes to full-time creativity in my life.

Painting is giving me the most pristine, honest, pure, healing time so far. How to nurturing myself, even more, is my goal in years ahead.

In January I started my own business, to share my life inspiration through intuition on canvas with you. To feel the connection, to inspire, to spread joy, to stand out, to be brave and fearless.