Marjan Augustin


Marjan Augustin was born in 1982 in Celje, Slovenia. He has been working with different aspects of arts and culture, mainly sculpting and painting his whole life. His paintings can be categorized as modern and progressive. Besides art and culture, he draws his inspiration from media portrayal of modern society such as movies, books and social network. With his output images, full of hidden imagery, he is able to challenge the viewer's mentality or their perception. His work is instinctive, filled with many images and shapes that are not necessarily visible at first sight or to everyone and that is something that makes his paintings diverse and edgy. The depictions he creates, are products of his subconsciousness, a reflection of what he absorbs during the day. Through them, we are able to see the complexness of the human mind, which is not fully understood just yet, it is something that must be explored and discussed.