Andrija Vučković


I was born in Sinj, Croatia, in 1963. In 2013, I joined the Society of Croatian naive artists. My sculptures are created in fire to explode to such masterpieces. In my technique I use welding machine (acetylene + oxygen) to band together all iron wires. Due to the fact that I mastered metal crafts in high school, iron material is something that fits perfectly my hands. First, I make skeleton and then I bring it to life using fire from welding machine. Indeed, my work is hardwork. For my sculptures are all hand-welded and non casted. Thus each one is pure original and none is the same as the other. My sculptures are figurative. The biggest challenge to me was theme of woman - For woman is a gentle creature. Having a beautiful wife and daughters I realized that women's gentleness hides very large inner strength of their spirit. That strength is perfectly expressed with iron - more than with any other material.

My horse sculptures are so shaped in order to reveal their restless nature and incredible power of force. Each horse sculpture usually corresponds to a human character which is especially visible in sculptures of horses that are placed in a particular relationship or conflict.


Single exhibitions:

2009, 2010, 2012, 2018 in Sinj, Croatia

2015 Art Gallery "Zvonimir" in Zagreb, Croatia


Collective exhibitions:

2014 Art Gallery "Zvonimir" in Solin, Croatia

2014 Library "Marko Marulic" in Split, Croatia

2014 Art Gallery "Mirko Virius" in Zagreb, Croatia

2015 Art Association "Signum Art" in Sinj, Croatia