Amit Ganjoo


Amit Ganjoo, a sculptor and concept Artist is presently the Director of School of Fine Arts, IPS Academy, Indore, INDIA
He is a disciple of renowned Sculptor of India Mr. Madan Bhatnagar (Shantiniketan)
He works in different mediums like terracotta, ceramics, paper, metal, Stone Wood etc.

His Exhibitions-
'Friendship' International Art Exhibition 2019
included 19 country and 35 Artists across the world.
Presently he is conducting a Exhibition series named as " a Display" involved subjects like -'Something common' with Italian Artist Ms. Milena Rigolli.
'Sound of silence' with Ms. Edit Sanbor from Hungary.
'Face true Face' with German Artist/ Sculptor Ms. Andrea Matheisen
'Yes No Perhaps' with Aleksander Olszewski from Poland