Sakshi Kapoor


Hi All!! I have been painting from last few years.Professionally, I am a Nurse practitioner and being in such a profession you have to go through a lot of emotions while serving humanity,like sorrow, pain and happiness of recovery. Different people handle these emotion in a different way, I have learned to handle it through my paintings and art!! I use my paintings to describe the emotions whether it is a painting of landscape, abstract or acrylic pour.

Painting gives soothing effect to my soul like a medicine heals a wound. I try to express positivity, happiness, healing, brightness and love through my paintings. Getting up everyday and looking at my paintings brings positivity and strength in my life!!All i want to tell people out there is that in every bad situation there is something to learn.It helps us to grow and be better.It tells who all actully belongs to you.And let me tell you this bad time will pass soon just have patience and believe in yourself.There is nothng you cn't do.No one can let you down until you give them the power to do so. I hope my efforts can bring some soothing effect to your lives and you appreciate my work as much as I do!!