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This work is an oriental brush writing using a cursive style letter. To get to the main point, oriental brush writing is only expressed with ink and brush on paper, so the ingredients are so simple, but this writing contains the beauty of formativeness and rhythm and can express a writer's personality and psychology. Also it does not draw specific objects, but simply symbolic letter composed of dots, lines and strokes, needs writer's high imagination, so it can be called abstract. In the case of brush writing, it cannot be modified due to its characteristics, if a small ink drop is splashed or even one dot is wrong, it cannot be corrected and should be discarded and reworked from the beginning, also since this work is based on traditional paper, so more careful attention is needed than other works. 1 cursive style letter has various meanings, This letter pronounced as "kwon" has the meaning of authority, right and etc...The value of ego in reality gradually disappears into the public, silently follow the majority of decisions rather than their own thoughts or opinions. As a result, is the world better and is your life satisfied?, I don't think so. From space, the Earth is a point we cannot see our existence in it. But each of us is very special and unique a person. Empower yourself with confidence, courage and justice. Change yourself from a passive self to an active self and transform yourself into a protagonist rather than a supporting role in the world. The protagonist of the world is yourself only. This work contains these contents.

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