Darja Štefančič

Astral Garden

An abstract composition of colours, diversity of brush strokes and structures bearing a visual resemblance to an imaginary floating garden...

Sold by Darja Štefančič


Blue Labyrinth

Painted in oil technique with several layers of colour. I have searched the transparency of colours and correnspondence between crystalinic and soft forms, cool and warm hues. This way of painting is ..

Sold by Darja Štefančič



The painting is done in the technique oil on canvas. I painted it in traditional way, looking for transparence of colour and balance of forms. Such way of painting is time consuming and quite demandin..

Sold by Darja Štefančič



I am charmed with red and I used it abundantly in the process of painting this artwork. I wanted to bring before the viewer's eyes the tension and strength of certain emotion, using simple shapes and ..

Sold by Darja Štefančič



A passionate fantasy in red, rhythmical and iridescent...

Sold by Darja Štefančič


Landscape in Mirror

I painted this landscape of ''unconscious'' in several phases, with several layers of colours, looking for transparence and brilliance. It is a view on an imaginary landscape through a window of dream..

Sold by Darja Štefančič


Red Embroidery

I often take hints from nature, I stylize the original motif and carefully select the colour relations. This painting is playing with embroidery like approach and contrasts between bluish and reds and..

Sold by Darja Štefančič


Salamander - Air

Giclée print from the series playing with symbolic and alchemic meaning of Salamander...

Sold by Darja Štefančič


Salamander - Water

Giclée print from the series of paintings playing with the symbolic and alchemic meaning of salamander. Devoted work with tiny details and several colour layers to have its light and transparency..

Sold by Darja Štefančič


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