Dejan Trajkovic

Autumn on Wolf Creek

Autumnal landscape in beech forest on the mountain called Kukavica (in South Serbia). Through it runs river called Wolf Creek (Vucjanka in Serbian). Original artwork painted in studio using sketch I m..

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Good Year - White

I live in countryside. This scene is from my vineyard, from last year which was good for grapes. Wine is great!Original artwork, painted using high quality oil colors. Stretched on wooden bars, ready ..

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Green Day

Clear water of mountain river in beautiful summer day surrounded with greens reflected in the water.Original artwork, painted using schmincke oil colors. Varnished and framed. Ready to hang...

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Out of Time

Oil on canvas. Painted using high quality oil colors (Schmincke). Ready to hang.Always cold is this river. In the hot summer day this is so refreshing.I still remember shuffling through shallow water...

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Red Hot

I live in village in Leskovac basin, an area known for producing peppers. This scene is from my backyard.Original artwork, painted using high quality Schmincke oil colors. Stretched on wooden bars, re..

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Seduction Game

Oil on hardboard panel. When passion sparks, even sparrows make fools of themselves, they get down on their knees and beg for love. Like people after all.Original artwork, painted using high quality o..

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The Fog

Cold foggy day in the empty field. No birds, no rabbits, no sounds. Piece and quiet place. Just trees and grass with silver jewellery.Original artwork. Oil on mdf panel. Unframed...

Sold by Dejan Trajkovic


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