The current and upcoming art exhibitions

Behind the scenes

23 October - 19 November, 2020
Virtual Grpup Exhibition

The exhibition features inspiring artworks from emerging and established artists and stories behind their creating.


Anastasiya Khudoliy: Time to rebel and recover

9 October - 5 November, 2020
Virtual Solo Exhibition

Ukrainian artist Khudoliy Anastasia, born into the family of artists, winner of international competitions, conveys her art to the masses.
During the pandemic, she created a number of works on the subject of Plague and Coronavirus.
Discover them.


OCEAN Photography Exhibition

01 - 30 June, 2020
Ocean Terminal Edinburgh, Scotland

You will have the opportunity to see the winning images of our Ocean Photo Contest. The winners were chosen by a professional jury of photographers, art critics, and art curators. There was also one image selected as winner of public vote on Art Gallery 5’14’ social media. Artists presented at the exhibition are from four different continents; Asia, America, Africa and Europe and through their photographs show what moves them in their search for imagery in a most personal and diverse approach.

Brut Carniollus: Series Metropolis

01 - 30 June, 2020
Image Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Original digital images are created by digitally collaging several photographs harvested in cities around the world. The resulting artwork represent artist (quite so often surreal) impression of urbanity while at the same time offering a level of recognisable details helping a viewer to re-place the final image into a real world, even though not all elements originate from the same place or time. In this series artist combines his own photographs with open sourced imagery from various sources, like deviantArt, Unsplash and several public libraries.

Julian Manjahi: Consistent Interaction

01 - 30 June, 2020
Image Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

The artist shows the life of the sailors, their traditional hollowed out boats, the ocean, and how the sailors not only mastere their self but also the boats in which they usually cross the ocean with. 

Past exhibitions

The Here and Now

25 September - 22 October, 2020
Virtual Group Exhibition

The exhibition focuses on the feelings we are experiencing in the here and now.
From the tranquility, sensuality and mystery, created by Yovanis González, from the hopes of surrealist artworks full of symbols and intimate stories by Julieth Carranza Peña, to the loose lines and shadows of Monica Patrui, to the formal balance of the paintings by Javier Ruiz.



Life is...
Through art created during the pandemic

28 August - 17 September, 2020
Virtual Group Exhibition

COVID-19 has left its mark on 2020 for numerous reasons: some unpleasant and others peculiar. Among the least distressing cases, there are ones related to productivity. In the workplace, for example, there has been an unquestionable slowdown, while in artistic productivity something never seen before has taken place: an excess.