Igor Navrotskyi

Adorable Girl

A beautiful woman walks smoothly like a cat . Her movements are soft, graceful. And the gait can be springy, which gives out inner joy. Every gesture of the beauty is graceful. She knows how to gracef..

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Before the wedding

The plot of the picture is inspired by the custom of arranging a bachelorette party before the wedding. This is a very exciting moment in the life of every girl. She has many feelings. Anxiety and joy..

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Carmen. From the series “She. Whisper of a glance” .The woman attracts with her variability. It is like a magic box showing many surprises. It changes beyond recognition, but retaining femininity and ..

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Unique.Canvas, oil painting.Artist's signature on the front.ECO friendly material.The picture is made entirely by hand with oil paints and varnished. High-quality performance, interesting plot, rich c..

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Castle on the mountain

Lovely house with a spire. Refined, as if "rushing to the sky." When you stand next to him, it is difficult to determine what century or year it is. Who will come out of his door. This is a lady in a ..

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Ermine cape

Her calm self-confidence is mesmerizing. An ocean of emotions is hidden behind such a display of calmness. But it's deep inside. There is passion and tenderness and strength. All this is hidden under ..

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Favourite toy

Each of us had a favorite toy in childhood. As adults, we rarely think of her. But when we remember, somewhere deep in the chest, a warm light spills out near the heart. And the face is smoothed, and ..

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Angel and demon, dark and light. They are combined in every whimsical way. And this cocktail is mixed from life's circumstances. And spills out. In such conflicting thoughts, deeds and actions. Exposi..


Lilac mood

Lilac mood.  Pink lilies in a vase are pleasing to the eye and create a wonderful mood. Light, like flowers filled with air.  Pink and purple.  They create the mood ..

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