Iztok Retar


I created the painting in order to emphasize the friendship between people, which is often expressed on sailing, at sea, in nature in general. It is designed by applying various shades of blue acrylic..

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Maestral: Solo

The strongly exposed red sun shines its energy on the lonely sailor. He struggles with his fears and nature. The wind, sea and infinity are with him on his solo way. Shades of blue are blurred and str..

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The universe has always attracted me with its infinite dimensions of time and space. So I depicted a segment of the blue constellation on a red Mars background. Acrylic paint applications on the canva..

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The overflow of pastel shades on different colored surfaces is my typical approach with which I try to addresses the viewer. Drainage, dripping and overlapping of colored lines creates a fiction of sp..

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The Flowering Fields No.14

The Flowering fields are pieces of my emotions, perceptions and sensations regarding the nature. I have started with asymmetrical strips and several drops in structured colors. In this collection I tr..

Sold by Iztok Retar


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