The Photon Ring - The Journey Through

The Photon Ring - The Journey Through

  • 350.00€

The vision of Photon Rings. Collective Spiritual Evolution of Humanity.

An infinity of worlds before us. Our world and our planetary chain and our system of Suns, and our systems of solar systems, are but as tiny sparks within an endless universe … Lost among all this inconceivable greatness is the small mortal man, at the same time, he is the most precious – a Living Soul and cannot be lost or destroyed – as a part of it all – eternal. And beyond all of this in the center of it all … THE ABSOLUTE ∞ (Ramacharaka)

Up to 100 cm (39 inches) wide. Signed and numbered on UV* art Canvas.

Shipped in a robust shipping tube, with a certificate of authenticity.

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Tags: fine art print, digital art, Earth, trees, esoteric, mystery, fantasy