About Artist

Rogelio Enrique Loret de Mola López del Castillo, 1990, Camagüey, Cuba, young Cuban artist and photographer. He has completed postgraduate studies related to film, script and photography direction, art direction for film and television, and digital photography. 

His work as a photographer revolves around street, documentary and advertising photography, although his work as an artist focuses more on portraits, nudes and conceptual photography, using the human figure in most of his works as the main element of his speech, seeks a more complex semantic idea resulting from the dialogue between the image and the viewer, promoting a very particular and creative vision to each one of his images. 

He has several collective, multi-personal photographic exhibitions and a personal exhibition. His work has been awarded on more than one occasion. Among his main references in photography are: Henri Cartier Bresson, Arnold Newman, Helmut Newton, Anni Leibovitz, among others.