About Artist

Monica Patrui is a professional fine artist, creating and painting for passion, in love of Hamburg city. She feels painting since she was a child. She painted for her colleagues in school and later on, for expressing feelings in a contemporary, modern artwork. Her painting influency comes from the family and she improved herself a lot by self-taught and receive private design and painting classes before and during University years. Sharing her paintings in private circles gave Monica a wonderful feeling of creating art. She studied under several influencing artists when she was young and my lessons with academic painters, Martha Cunetcaia and Ion Milos, were hugely formative to her experience and skill as an artist. Currently, she works to a very important project Theory of Aesthetique in Modern Art, as orientation and theoretical ground for her conceptual practice as an artist. Monica draws inspiration from Contemporary Art, as well as European, American arts, in her efforts to create a visually stimulating portfolio of conceptual works. The expanded space of her paintings is achieved through shadows left by smooth brush touches on different surfaces: canvas, wood, cloth paper. The originality comes from her own textured canvas made with different kinds of ribs, which gives a 3D visual aspect, and her artistic message, as the link between separate spaces: real and fantastic, working towards a common goal.