Be friends with your shadows

1500,00 €
Size ( cm)
100 x 70
Mixed media on canvas
Signature info
Hand signed
Cardboard box
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I will not fear, I will not do it, come with me, come closer. Weather it rains or shines, you will see that nothing can stop us if we are together you and me. One day I decided not to live with fear and finally I opened the cage and flew and faced my own demons!

Technique Manibus

The Manibus technique is made by mixing gelatins of different colors and organic materials (turmeric, paprika, blueberries, onion, coffee, beet, vegetable dyes, etc.) on the canvas. this results in movement. When everything comes to life, the forms that are born from the unconscious are defined to bring it to consciousness. Once dry, a dialogue with the work is formed and established, expressing the color of our feelings, with acrylics, oils, collage.