The magic tree

1500,00 €
Size ( cm)
70 x 100
Mixed media on canvas
Signature info
Hand signed
Cardboard box
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I asked the leaf if I was afraid because autumn had arrived and the other leaves were beginning to fall. the leaf said to me: "No, I am not afraid, during the whole spring and summer I was very alive, I worked and helped to nourish the tree and a large part of myself was in that tree". please, do not say I'm just this little way, because the sheet form is only a small part of me. I am the whole tree! I know that I am in the tree and when I return to earth, I will continue to nourish it.

Technique Manibus

The Manibus technique is made by mixing gelatins of different colors and organic materials (turmeric, paprika, blueberries, onion, coffee, beet, vegetable dyes, etc.) on the canvas. this results in movement. When everything comes to life, the forms that are born from the unconscious are defined to bring it to consciousness. Once dry, a dialogue with the work is formed and established, expressing the color of our feelings, with acrylics, oils, collage.