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The works are a bas-relief made with chalk on canvas, then pigmented with oxides. After a very thin layer of resin, the painting is finished with oil paints.

This collection of works created to remember, if anything the need arose, that the style of figurative painting, symbolism and, as the author points out the works to follow even abstract art, were conceived by primitive man, in the caves of prehistory, at least in their embryonic stage. Some colored geometric shapes, found in cave paintings, symbols designed and coded by Professor André Leroi Gourhan, are reviewed, transfigured, idealized, dreamed, reinvented in the works of Andrea Benetti, who wants to make a fitting tribute to the true origins of abstract art and those who invented it.

Year 2020
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 2 cm

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Tags: art, painting, contemporary, simbolysm, abstractism, italian style, oil colors, primitivism, tribal, cave painting, artwork, arte, pittura, contemporanea, simbolismo, astrattismo, colori a olio, primitivismo, tribale, pittura rupestre, opera d’arte,